Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Is Getting A Subtle Facelift

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A little nip 'n tuck is in order for the beastly brute.

Earlier this year, Mercedes-AMG applied some mild updates to the GT 4-Door. Its coupe-bodied relation is getting some comprehensive styling and performance upgrades and will soon gain the E-Performance tech that makes the most potent GT 4-Door so explosive. Despite the fact that this car recently got some mild cosmetic updates in March, to bring it more in line with the looks of the S E Performance, the practical barnstormer has now been spotted with some light camouflage. But just like on Merc's other recently spied test cars, it seems that the changes will be relatively minor. So what is changing in the new car?

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Spotted here in AMG Green Hell Magno, a matte finish created in honor of the Nurburgring, the pre-production vehicle appears to be wearing the same headlights as the 2022 model. But experience has shown us that Mercedes will likely fit new fixtures that boast updated designs when the production model is unveiled. With the entire front fascia obscured by camouflage, we can expect some mild updates to the bumper design with the grille likely to feature a revised shape and possibly a new mesh design. More vinyl camouflage can be found on the front fenders, which suggests that either Mercedes doesn't want us to know which trim this is, or there'll be a new design for this element too.

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At the rear, nothing is covered up, which suggests that the changes coming to this model's rear end haven't yet been applied to all prototypes, or there simply won't be any. If you've spotted the fixed rear wing and taken note that this green hue is relatively common for the AMG GT Black Series coupe, you may be pondering the possibility of an even more extreme iteration of this car that would sit above the GT 63 S E Performance. However, this was an optional extra as part of the AMG Carbon Package II or the AMG Aerodynamic Package, which is exclusively available for the GT 63 S (and S E Performance).


Our spy photographers report that they have spotted other prototypes with more camo on the front end, and because other new Mercedes models for 2023 have received updated tweaks for their respective taillights, it's natural to assume that the same could happen here. It's unclear if there will be any other, more extensive changes beneath the skin, but the current AMG GT produces up to 831 horsepower in S E Performance guise, while the 63 S manages up to 630 hp and the regular 63 produces 577 hp. All of these models are expected to retain their 4.0-liter V8 engines for the new model year, but after that, expect downsizing to hit AMG's range in a big way.

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