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Mercedes-AMG GT Could Morph Into SLS Electric Drive Successor

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Electric cars have a come long way since 2010.

It wasn't too long ago when fully electric vehicles were deemed experimental, more or less. The chances of large-scale production seemed limited. But that was then and as we're about to head into the final year of the decade, EVs are now at the top of the agenda for all mainstream automakers. But does anyone remember the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive? It was a 740 hp, all-electric version of the now discontinued SLS AMG. Production was extremely limited but it did smash the Nurburgring electric lap record back in 2013, a title it still retains to this day. But what about a potential successor, one that could, theoretically, be based on the SLS AMG's successor, the AMG GT?

Autoblog spoke with AMG boss Tobias Moers last week at LA where he confirmed a new all-electric product is in the works. "Why should we ignore it?" Moers said. Although the SLS Electric Drive was "a very specific car," Moers pointed out that the demand for hybrids as well as pure EVs has greatly grown. Demand for high-performance all-electric sports cars, in particular, is what Moers has set his sights on. Conveniently enough, an AMG-built all-electric sports car would immediately have great appeal. In addition, the associated building costs for EVs has significantly decreased as well, thus furthering the business case.

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While the SLS AMG Electric Drive cost over $500,000, the successor's price tag would maybe cost half that. AMG also now has much more experience with battery technologies thanks to development of its AMG One hypercar and its hybrid V6 F1 engine.

Meanwhile, the next generation C63 will utilize a hybrid powertrain. Moers also hinted a hybrid V8 is also possible but refused to confirm anything just yet. But once the AMG One is launched and delivered to owners, the German automaker will be in need of a new halo car. An all-electric high-performance sports car, potentially based on the AMG GT, could be the most logical choice.