Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series Isn't Coming Any Time Soon

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Sadly, the long-rumored Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series is still several years away.

Next year, Mercedes AMG will be expanding its GT line-up with a four-door sedan to take on the Porsche Panamera. But what about the long-rumored AMG GT R Black Series? Recent sightings of what appeared to be a Black Series prototype gearing up to battle with the Porsche 911 GT2 RS got our hopes up that a reveal was imminent, and while AMG boss Tobias Moers has reaffirmed to Motoring that the even more hardcore GT R is still coming, we still won't see it for several years yet.

Speaking to Motoring at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Moers confirmed that the Black Series won't arrive until towards the end of the AMG GT's lifecycle, possibly as a limited-run special in the same vein as SLS AMG Black Series. Considering that the current AMG GT R has only been on sale for just over a couple of years, don't expect the Black Series variant to arrive any time soon. Should the 577-hp AMG GT R not be potent enough for you, Moers has high ambitions for the range-topping Black Series model's performance on the track. "The GT R is still very competitive and is doing quite well [but] when we do a Black Series it's going to happen in the GT family," he said.

"The GT R for sure chassis-wise is capable of more power. So yes, Black Series should always have a little bit more power but it's not all about horsepower - it's all about the handling, the performance on the track." Chances are, we can expect the Black Series to extract over 600 horsepower from the GT R's 40-liter twin-turbo V8, as well as boast a reduction in weight. "Yes, we can do more. GT R is less weight than GT S so yes, we're working on that. For Black Series it will be mandatory to reduce weight," said Moers. With less weight, more power, and some obligatory aero tweaks, the Black Series should comfortably beat the current range-topping GT R's 0-62 mph time of 3.6 seconds and 198 mph top speed.

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