Mercedes-AMG GT R Tries To Preserve Its Good Name Against BMW M4 DTM


An unlikely match between cars like these happens only once in a lifetime.

The evil trick about the BMW M4 DTM is that on the outside, it doesn’t look like much more than a piped-up BMW M4. On the other hand, the Mercedes-AMG GT R looks like something Cruella de Vil would drive if she was as concerned with lap times as she is with obtaining the furs of baby Dalmatians to make one epic coat. Looks can be deceiving, but not when it comes to power figures in this case. The M4 DTM’s 493 horsepower is easily trounced by the GT R’s 577 ponies.

The main difference is in how each car uses its respective power reserve. As a rare bird that one-ups even the M4 GTS, the M4 DTM is built for the race track from day one. It’s not too shabby in a straight line either, with a traction control system smart enough to give the AMG a serious challenge despite the power gulf.

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And on the track? In theory, it’s anyone’s guess. The AMG GT R is a souped-up Merc that’s built for the track using clever aerodynamics and an even more intelligent nine-mode traction control system that can make even the shabbiest driver look like a rockstar.

Still, it's up against a car designed and built for the DTM racing series. Watch these two unlikely Germans battle one another because it’s a fight between two cars from wildly different classes that's not likely to be repeated anytime soon.