Mercedes-AMG GT Spied With E Performance Hybrid Power

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It could boast possibly as much as 843 hp.

Back in January of this year, we got our first look at the replacement of the Mercedes-AMG GT, which told us that the existing model's time in the sun was coming to an end. This was confirmed in March when Mercedes revealed a final special edition of the coupe as a send-off to the current generation. But what will the replacement be like? Well, new spy shots have confirmed that we can expect at least two powertrain options, and thanks to new imagery from the Nurburgring, we now know that there will be three, if not more, as this new prototype confirms that a range-topping model is coming with hybrid power.

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The car in question is clearly in the very early stages of development, as it is covered in various sensors and other testing equipment. It's also slathered in camouflage, but there are still things that this early prototype reveals. For a start, the rear bumper shows a charging port much like that of the four-door coupe revealed last year with the name Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance. The traditional coupe is likely to adopt a similarly long-winded name, but any time you lose explaining what you drive to your buddies can easily be made up on the road - the four-door coupe produces 843 horsepower, and it's quite possible that the car we see here will produce similar power.

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It's unclear at this stage if the hybrid version of the top Mercedes-AMG SL will play in the same ballpark, but even if it does, you can be confident that the AMG GT will be much more exhilarating to drive and will be faster on track. Whatever the final figures for either sports car, the AMG GT will surely be getting a refined look if so much of its body is being hidden. Our best guess is that the GT will adopt the same sort of styling refinements seen on its four-door coupe sibling, so this won't be a massive overhaul. Whatever the case, we have a long wait ahead of us as the regular GT is only predicted to be revealed at the end of this year, and its E Performance big brother will only touch down in 2023.

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