Mercedes AMG GT Will Come with a Black Series

And many other versions as well.

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t been very forthcoming when it comes todetails of the upcoming Porsche 911-fighting AMG GT. With some spy pics andimaginative renderings – coupled with the company’s boasts of the ‘best-lookingMercedes’ ever – we can certainly get our hopes up regarding the car’s exteriorhotness. As for its engines and specs, we know that the range-topping modelwill come with Mercedes’ twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine.

Now, Top Gear is reporting that the AMG GT will also comewith a Black Series spec. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, AMG chief TobiasMoers told TG that “The new sportscar which is in a new segment – price wiseit’s lower than the SLS – gives us a lot of room for spreading the portfolio out.A much wider range of models”. If the Black Series does appear, itshould offer a significant weight loss over stock models, also adding someexterior black carbon-fiber parts and interior goodies – as per the SLS Black Series.

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