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Official: This Is The Mercedes-AMG One

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AMG's upcoming hypercar drops the word 'Project' from its official name.

Mercedes-AMG has made no secret about its plan to rename its Project One hypercar, which debuted exactly one year ago at Frankfurt. At the time, the hypercar was a very advanced prototype and not quite production ready. That didn't matter for the wealthy buyers who quickly jumped at the chance to buy one of the planned 275 examples, priced from $2.7 million a pop, not including any customization options.

Only 55 will make their way to the US. But what will be the hypercar's official name when it arrives? Last month, The SuperCarBlog claimed it had the answer: AMG One. Only the word 'Project' was dropped. Today, we can officially confirm this is indeed the case. And no, as the folks at Motor Trend have also confirmed there will not be an AMG Two.

The official production version is expected to debut sometime early next year, possibly at Geneva, but Mercedes-AMG brought the Project One concept that debuted exactly one year ago at Frankfurt to Paris this year. The automaker also recently released several of its own spy shots of an AMG One road testing at a secret facility somewhere in England, further hinting a debut is not far off. This is also where the AMG One will be built, which makes sense because the Mercedes-AMG F1 team is headquartered in the UK.

Mercedes-AMG admitted it made the images available in part because of the hypercar's "characteristic F1" engine sound, meaning the public would be bound to find out what was being tested sooner or later.

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The AMG One is an F1-derived hypercar with a plug-in hybrid powertrain paired to a 1.6-liter V6 with 671 hp as well as four electric motors. Total output is expected to be over 1,000 hp. Customer deliveries are set to get underway early next year, which just so happens to be around the same time its main rival, the Aston Martin Valkyrie, will also be delivered to buyers.

But why won't there be an AMG Two? Ola Kallenius, who will take over as Mercedes CEO in May when Dieter Zetsche retires, also told Motor Trend that the decision to build the One was crazy enough. A 1,000 hp hypercar with F1-derived technology was and continues to be a major engineering effort that requires immense resources, not to mention expenses.