Mercedes-AMG One Could Dethrone Porsche At The Nurburgring

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Mercedes seems to be gunning for a production car lap record at der Grun Holle.

From the looks of things, the Mercedes-AMG One has had a go at some kind of Nurburgring record.

At least, that's what the below Facebook post from the brand implies. These photos were clearly taken at the iconic Grun Holle, and the brand says to "stay tuned for a challenge of the monumental kind."

There's no doubt in our minds that Mercedes-AMG is headed for the history books. The AMG One is effectively a de-tuned F1 car with a road-legal body, and if anything is going to take a 'Ring record this year, this is the car to do it.

Porsche already claimed a new Nurburgring record for the fastest naturally aspirated car earlier this year, so if the One dethrones the 911 GT2 RS MR, the Stuttgart-based brand still has at least two records remaining.


What isn't yet clear is what kind of record the car is going for at the Nurburgring.

There are all sorts, even if you're just sorting by the route. Generally speaking, the record that comes to mind is the outright run around the Nordschleife, the largest section of the track. Currently, the record is held by the Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR at 6:38.835.

There are, however, plenty of other records. Porsche also holds the non-road-legal record with the 919 Hybrid Evo's 5:19.546 run. Of course, we're betting that Merc is headed for the outright production lap record on the Nordschleife.


We won't rule out an attempt on the circuit's southern route, the Sudschleife, but frankly, no one cares about Sudschleife times. A lap around the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit is another potential candidate here. Mercedes has massive amounts of lap data from recent F1 races, and we're sure Lewis Hamilton has put in a killer lap for the car to try and beat there.

The photos above seem to be from the Nordschleife, and we're betting Merc has already made the run. By mid-November, most of the autumn colors have left the 'Ring. We'll have to wait and see if Mercedes has managed to take Porsche's outright lap record. Stay tuned.


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