Mercedes-AMG Preparing To Smash Nurburgring Record

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The street-legal hypercar drives to the race track, rips hot laps, then drives home.

After seeing it being flogged around the Hockenheim Ring and sprinting up the Goodwood Hillclimb, the Mercedes-AMG One has been spotted in an odd camo-inspired livery at the Nurburgring.

The AMG One was found idling at a locked gate entrance to the 13-mile-long Nurburgring Nordschleife surrounded by a small group of onlookers. The secretive move seemed deliberate as most official Ring runs are usually more high-profile in the more trafficked areas of the famed race track.

According to CarSpyMedia who captured the racecar for the road on the famed German track: "Mercedes-AMG will try to set a new lap record with this hypercar later this year and these are some of the last preparations to get everything working."

CarSpyMedia / YouTube

Since this run wasn't really an official timed run for a Nurburgring record, we suspect that's why there was a veil of secrecy with the manner in which it was conducted. All official runs are timed bridge-to-gantry and test cars can be seen lurking around major roads, pits, and the main 'touristenfahrten' entrance. But CarSpyMedia caught the AMG crew in their hiding spot and then proceeded to get as close to the action as possible on a private AMG day.

The F1-inspired Mercedes-AMG One sounds muted compared to when we heard at Hockenheim. We wonder if this 1,049 horsepower 1.6-liter V6 hybrid might have an exhaust actuator to muffle the sound a bit more while testing.

CarSpyMedia / YouTube

The company certainly wants to practice without having too much media attention before its main Nurburgring attempt. But just what will the AMG One be able to do around the famed Green Hell?

The videographer noted "the way the car sticks to the road, the lap time on the Nordschleife will certainly be very fast. [The AMG One] will surely be able to drive something around the time of 6:3X.XX minutes."

The current Ring champ is the Porsche GT2 RS with a time of 6:38.83 that beat the 6:43.61 time set by the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in 2020. We're sure Mercedes-AMG wants the Ring record back and we can't think of a better $2.8-million hypercar to do it in.

CarSpyMedia / YouTube

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