Mercedes-AMG Reveals Production Run And Price For Project One Hypercar


This thing will cost almost $3 million and may not even be the fastest car on the road.

Top Gear caught up with Tobias Moers, head honcho at Mercedes-AMG, during the Geneva Motor Show for a chat about the Project One hypercar. Automotive CEOs normally get quiet around journalists, but Moers gave up some pretty juicy details to the blokes over at Top Gear. He revealed that the production run for the Project Run will span 275 units and that each car will cost €2.3 million ($2.4 million). The first customer deliveries will commence in 2019.

In addition to revealing details about the cost and production run of the highly anticipated car, the conversation also involved the F1 tech powering it. "It's pure F1 technology. It's a 1.6-litre engine, it still revs to 11,000rpm, but idles at 1,280rpm. All the electric components are from F1 - the crank motor, the split turbo, the front axle is driven by electric motors. Even the battery cells are F1, the most expensive cells on the planet," Moers told Top Gear. Despite its impressive tech the Project One's goal isn't to be the fastest car on the road. "I'm not saying it's the fastest road car ever," Moers said. "I'm not chasing top speed, I don't want to put any numbers on the table." While Mercedes-AMG isn't seeking top speed bragging rights it will do a timed Nurburgring run.

Despite its performance capabilities the goal for Mercedes-AMG is that its hypercar can be driven normally when owners aren't out dominating track days. "My task is to make it a car you can use everyday. You don't need an F1 team, you don't need special gas, you don't need anything, you just push the button, it fires up and you drive away. That's a challenge," the CEO said. Moers and the folks over at Mercedes-AMG have until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September to figure this "challenge" out. We have the utmost confidence they'll succeed. Time to start counting down the days until Mercedes' Frankfurt press conference in.


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