Mercedes-AMG S63 Gets Serious Stance And 700 HP

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Looking mean, with performance to match.

Mercedes refreshed its S-Class lineup this year, with the flagship and hardcore sedans taking a bow in Shanghai back in the spring, and the coupes and cabrios recently breaking cover in Frankfurt. Having seen all iterations of the Mercedes-AMG S63 in the metal, we can say quite categorically that this is a car that is ready to roll right out of the box. There's no need for any aftermarket investments here. Yet, Inden Design has deemed it necessary to "enhance" the luxury hi-po limousine, from both an aesthetic and performance perspective.

To give the sedan some added girth, 5 cm of width to be exact, the German tuning house created a four-part conversion kit consisting of a rocker panel attachment, door attachment, side part attachment and bumper attachment. At the rear, a spoiler, diffuser and Black Series exhaust pipes were added, while all elements originally finished in chrome, including the door handles, window trims, and front diffuser, have been coated in gloss black. A set of 22-inch wheels and an adjustable suspension controlled from the steering wheel, combine to give the S63 some serious stance and we imagine a look of shock on the faces of most Mercedes fan boys.

Just in case the visual upgrades aren't loud enough, a Capristo exhaust has been fitted. Power has been upped accordingly thanks to a MKB engine tune that gives the S63 a cool 700 horsepower to play with, up from the 603 hp the stock 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 delivers.

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