Mercedes-AMG Sales to Rise Another 50 Percent in 2014

That's after already doubling its numbers over the last two years.

Most car enthusiasts have been lusting over Mercedes-AMG automobiles for 47 years, since the Daimler AG performance subsidiary was founded back in 1967. But it seems that average buyers have finally discovered the brand’s phenomenal offerings in the last couple of years, with annual sales more than doubling over this period. AMG is expecting an even-better 2014, with sales forecasts now reaching above 45,000 units, up from 32,200 in 2013.

Mercedes had originally predicted that the AMG brand would reach 30,000 units in 2017, the year of its 50th anniversary. But with the introduction of compact models like the A45 AMG, CLA45 AMG and the GLA45 AMG crossover, sales have really been going through the roof, and the company has increased production to keep up with demand.

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