Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series Announced

A pumped-up variant of the AMG Gran Turismo concept has been unveiled.

Mercedes has revealed a lighter and faster version of its virtual AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept for GT6 on the PlayStation 3. Dubbed the Racing Series, the new concept is based on the original concept but gets a boost in performance, a reduction in weight, and several styling upgrades. These include a fixed rear wing to increase downforce at hight speeds, red alloys, and conventional door mirrors replacing the original concept’s CCD cameras.

While the twin-turbo V8 has only received a 6 hp boost to 591 hp, the car’s overall weight has been reduced by 85 kg to 1,300 kg. The seven-speed dual-clutch box has been ditched in favor of a sequential transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. Gamers can take the AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series for a virtual spin by entering the new Seasonal Event - available for a limited time only.

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