Mercedes-AMG Will Blitz America With Less Expensive Performance


Less expensive, in this case, is still not cheap.

For far too long BMW M and M Performance have had things their way, especially in America. That's the mind set of Mercedes-AMG these days and it wants to put an end on BMW M's US honeymoon. Automotive News reports that, thanks to the launch of the AMG 53 lineup, the automaker aims to increase US sales above the 10 percent it achieved last year. The goal: a 20 percent mix, the figure it achieved in Canada in 2017, according to Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Dietmar Exler. "Based on that, we have more opportunity."

However, increasing sales by 10 percent is not possible in just one year, and Exler is fully aware of that. But fortunately Mercedes-AMG is knows there's tons of potential in America and thanks to its new lineup of AMG 53 vehicles and the existing 43s, makes the performance subbrand more accessible than ever. No longer does one have to spend nearly six-figures, if not higher, for a Mercedes-AMG 63 vehicle, which can also simply be too much performance for some. Like what BMW has done, and done very well with its M Performance lineup in terms of establishing it as a legitimate brand, Mercedes-AMG wants to do the same with the 43s and 53s.

But what's the biggest difference between the AMG 63 and 43 and 53 models, aside from output and performance? The 63s, for starters, have hand-built engines, louder exhaust systems, beefier brakes, and other bits that provide a more dramatic and enthusiast experience. But don't think the 43s and 53s will disappoint. AMG's reputation is at stake here. Fortunately, 2017 was a good year because AMG sold 33,904 vehicles, a 46 percent increase from the year prior. That increase can directly be traced to the launch of the AMG 43 range.

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