Mercedes-AMG Will Prevent Buyers Flipping The Project One For A Profit

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Only 275 examples are being built, each costing $2.8 million. Just imagine the profit that could be made on the used market.

Car makers often have strict rules preventing buyers from flipping supercars for a profit. It's always a travesty when we see limited edition exotics fall into the hands of scalpers looking to make a profit instead of the driving enthusiasts they were designed for. Luckily, Mercedes-AMG isn't going to let this happen to the Project One.

Customer deliveries of the hypercar won't start until early 2019 and only 275 are examples being made, each costing a whopping $2.8 million. Just imagine the potential profit scalpers could make on the used market for such a rare and desirable hypercar. Speaking to German publication Auto Motor und Sport, Mercedes-AMG confirmed owners of the Project One will need to sign an agreement not to sell the car within a certain time period or they will face legal action.

This is what happened to John Cena after he sold his Ford GT soon after receiving delivery since Ford requires buyers to sign an agreement saying they won't sell their Ford GT for the first two years. The automaker filed a lawsuit against Cena, but a settlement was recently reached between both parties. Aston Martin has also said it will cancel orders for the Valkyrie if buyers are caught trying to sell a build slot.

Unfortunately, some people have already been caught trying to sell Project One build slots. Last November, a dealership in Germany tried to sell one for an eye-watering $5.23 million - that's double the asking price. The advert has been taken down, but Motor1 has already discovered a similar listing for another Project One build slot costing $5.2 million. Delivery is said to take place on June 15, 2019. Hopefully, Mercedes-AMG will get it taken down soon and take legal action if necessary.

Auto Motor und Sport also confirmed that camouflaged prototypes of the Project One are currently undergoing track testing in the UK and Spain. Power is sourced from a modified version of the turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 from Lewis Hamilton's 2015 F1 car and four electric motors, producing a combined output of over 1,000 hp. The hypercar is expected to weigh 2,866 to 3,086 pounds and will generate about 1,488 lbs of downforce thanks its advanced aero.

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