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Mercedes-AMG Won’t Be Building Standalone Performance SUV

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Mercedes-AMG fears a standalone SUV could cannibalize sales of existing models.

Thanks to the booming popularity of crossovers, performance car manufacturers are beginning to cash in on the lucrative SUV segment. Lamborghini, of course, started this trend with the Urus, which is currently the fastest SUV in the world, but Ferrari will soon follow with its forthcoming not-an-SUV, or 'Ferrari Utility Vehicle' (FUV) as the automaker refers to it. One performance brand that won't be jumping on the super-SUV bandwagon, however, is Mercedes-AMG.

While the tuner will launch the new G63 based on the reborn G-Class, AMG boss Tobias Moers asserted there are no plans to build a standalone performance SUV anytime soon. "Regarding SUVs, we have a broad portfolio within Mercedes we do derivatives of," he said during an interview with CarAdvice. "We have to consider we have an overall business responsibility in Mercedes and AMG in common. If you would do some dedicated AMG kind of car, there would be a big piece of cake we would be wanting that would be substituted. So from an overall business approach there is no sense to it."

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In other words, introducing a standalone SUV could potentially cannibalize sales of existing Mercedes-AMG SUV derivatives. "I know a car like this makes an appetite for more but we are so fully loaded and still expanding... there's nothing on the table," Moers added. Again, this comment isn't surprising since AMG makes tuned versions of nearly every existing Mercedes-Benz model, from the A-Class to the G-Class. At Geneva, AMG introduced its first ever standalone sedan, the GT 4-Door Coupe. Justifying its existence was a lot easier, because it fills a void in AMG's line-up.

"That car was kind of a white spot in our portfolio," Moers told CarAdvice. "What we saw there was a missing link, we lost customers. They drove C or E 63s and were looking for the next level, and we didn't have it." Unsurprisingly, they bought Porsche Panameras instead. The range-topping Black Series name is also finally making a comeback, as the tuner recently confirmed that the long-awaited AMG GT Black Series will arrive in 2020.