Mercedes-AMG X-Class Won't Happen, But It'd Be A Lot Cooler If It Did

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Honestly, it'd be the only X-Class we'd consider buying.

Say what you want about the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck. One of BMW's senior vice presidents surely did. But the fact of the matter is that Mercedes recognized an opening in the truck segment and went for it. But what about a high-performance truck? It's not like Mercedes doesn't know how to do extreme performance. That's where Mercedes-AMG comes into play. And so that begs the question: Will Mercedes-AMG be handed the X-Class and told to make it bonkers?

It doesn't appear so. Despite all of the hype regarding the Mercedes-AMG Project One at Frankfurt, CarAdvice managed to find time to ask division boss Tobias Moers about the chance of an AMG-ified X-Class. His answer couldn't have been more direct and to the point: "No. No, there is no chance so far. We are fully locked in for our projects." And that about sums it all up. The thought of such a truck sounds ridiculously cool, but in practice it's really not all that practical. And to be honest, we still have some doubts regarding the X-Class itself, like how necessary is a luxury pickup? What can it do that so many other mid-size pickups, like the Nissan Navara on which it's based on, can't?

If there were ever to be a change in Tobias' mind, something big would have to happen first: the X-Class becoming a smash hit. That'll be hard considering it's not even being sold in the US, Mercedes' second largest market, following China. A high-performance X-Class, as it cool as it sounds, would be about as impractical as, with all due to respect to Mercedes, the X-Class itself.

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