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Mercedes B-Class EV Prototype Caught Testing

Mercedes-Benz is quickly developing an EV version of its latest B-Class premium minivan that will offer Prius V customers a more luxurious alternative.

First shown in concept form at the Paris Motor Show last September, the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive project appears to be steaming ahead towards production. Evidence of this can be seen here by these latest images of a prototype caught winter testing in Sweden by our ever-intrepid spy photographers. They're also reporting they could tell this is an EV prototype because they witnessed its batteries being recharged. Power is tipped to come from a 100-kilowatt electric motor.

Not a whole lot else is known about the car just yet, mainly that its lithium-ion battery pack comes courtesy of Tesla Motors and is expected to give the production B-Class EV a range of more than 120 miles. Mercedes is targeting Toyota Prius V buyers who need a functional cargo/people hauler but also desire a more premium vehicle. Another interesting bit of information here is that the B-Class EV could be the only version of the B-Class to be offered in the US. Expect it to arrive sometime in late 2013 or early 2014.

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