Mercedes-Benz 300 SLC by GWA

Gullwing America designs an even more retro body for a client's SLS Roadster.

Mercedes-Benz went a decidedly retro route with the design of the SLS AMG, but for one Eastern European customer, it wasn't nearly retro enough. So he turned to Gullwing America for a complete and comprehensive rebody. GWA is renowned for recreating classic Benzes, having reimagined everything from the 1970 C111 to the 300SL Panamericana. This project, however, revives the form of the '55 300 SC - a rare classic of which only 92 examples were made. We'd be willing to bet the unnamed client has one in his collection.

To match it, GWA has designed a new aluminum body to drape over the SLS AMG Roadster's frame, which otherwise remains largely unchanged, aside from the adjustable suspension, custom exhaust and repositioned deployable spoiler. The design, as you can see, includes a large front grille, pontoon fenders with LED headlamps, a retractable fabric roof plus a removable hard top, and classic-style 21- and 22-inch alloys front and rear. The result is dubbed the 300 SLC, and while it has apparently yet to be built, if the end result looks anywhere near as good as these renderings, we're sure the customer will be happy.

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