Mercedes-Benz Actually Wants Men To Buy The 2016 C-Class Coupe

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They will when the C63 AMG comes out.

Go to your nearest country club and see what's in the parking lot. Obviously a lot of luxury cars, SUVs, and sports cars whose owners bought them knowing full well their golf clubs could fit (barely) in the trunk. All too typical. Next, take a closer look at the specific car models and who's driving them. Luxury sedans, as often but not always the case, are driven by men and luxury coupes/convertibles by women. It's just a familiar sight. And now Mercedes is working on its next generation C-Class Coupe, which will debut next September at Frankfurt.

Our spy photographers have just snapped the first images of the car out doing some road testing. The front end appears to look nearly identical to the sedan's while the rear end styling bears a strong resemblance to what's found on the flagship S-Class. Styling is a bit more aggressive in the hope that the new coupe will appeal to more men this time around without abandoning its wealthy female clientele.

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