Apple Adds Spatial Audio To Mercedes-Benz Models

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The new software will allow you to hear music in a totally new way.

Today, Mercedes and Apple have announced that Apple Music's Spatial Audio with support for Dolby Atmos is available in Mercedes-Benz models.

In June last year, Mercedes-Benz announced Apple Music support for three new cars. Models included the EQS, C-Class, and S-Class. Drivers could also select the "Online Music" option on the brand's MBUX infotainment system and listen to their own libraries on Amazon and Apple Music, Spotify, and TIDAL.

Now, Mercedes is expanding its cars' Apple Music capability once again. If you own a Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, EQS, Maybach S-Class, EQE, EQE SUV, or an S-Class, you'll be able to listen with 3D audio, thanks to the new upgrade.


Owners currently subscribed to Apple Music will have immediate access to all songs and albums available in Spatial Audio. You'll also have access to curated playlists specifically featuring the tech.

Mercedes mentions two- Driving in Spatial Audio and Hip-Hop in Spatial Audio- "where listeners can find and discover songs from their favorite artists." Mercedes will soon be rolling out a Burmester 4D sound system for specific models, enhancing the experience. The system first debuted on the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class collaboration with Virgil Abloh.

Spatial Audio is, in short, Apple's take on Dolby Atmos, a surround-sound software for music and audio files. Basically, if you listen to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin, you'll hear Jimmy Page's guitar coming from one side of the car and John Bonham's drums from another. You may hear Page's vocals from both sides of the vehicle or only one.


Atmos and Spatial Audio do their best to make it sound like the band is playing around you rather than simply hearing the music two-dimensionally. The software uses audio processing algorithms to convert Atmos metadata into a binaural 360-degree output. Apple's Spatial Audio takes 5.1, 7.1, and those Atmos signals and adds directional audio filters. Those adjust the sound frequencies each of your ears hears so sounds can be placed anywhere in a 3D space.

In this case, that space is the inside of an EQS. This should give you that "movie theater" sound experience, where sounds can be heard not just from 360 degrees around you but from above, below, and anywhere in between. This is great for movies, and we're curious to hear how it translates to music.


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