Mercedes-Benz AMG G65 Recalled To Slow It Down - In Reverse

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This glitch could well make the previous-gen G65 the fastest SUV ever. Going backwards.

Owners of the previous generation Mercedes-AMG G65 will need to be extra vigilant as they reverse down their driveways, at least until the end of July. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has just sent out a recall on all 2017 G65s because the incorrect speed limitation software has been installed on them.

They say that exceeding 16 mph when in reverse while swinging wildly at the steering wheel can be hazardous to your health. This is sage advice to all motor vehicle owners but especially to the 20 G65 owners affected, seeing as these cars have twin-turbocharged 621 hp V12s under their hoods.


Seeing as the 6,000 pound+ vehicle can launch itself to 60 mph in a fraction over 5 seconds, breaching the 16 mph barrier in reverse would surely take no more than a second at most. Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz does not elaborate on what the limiter is set at on the affected cars and the no-cost rectification will be sorted out by dealers beginning on July 27. Until then, if there are any brave AMG G65 owners out there who would like to claim a possible 'fastest SUV in the world going backwards' record, now is your chance. We obviously do not advocate reckless driving in any form so best hire a race track before attempting anything as ridiculous as this.

In November last year, another recall was issued to rectify a problem where the adaptive cruise control would not always disengage. The malfunction was traced to problems with the Electronic Stability Program and Distronic Plus system. Affected cars could have the panicked driver slamming on the brakes or shifting into neutral to try and slow the heavy beast down. This recall affected several G-Class vehicles although all should have been rectified by now. It seems that just like Ricky Bobby, the AMG G 65 just wants to go fast.


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