Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS Given the Senner Treatment

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Renowned for their special conversions, Senner has once again delivered the goods with their SLS AMG package.

First up, a brief recap of the SLS: internally designated the C197, the Gran Turismo coupe with gullwing doors is essentially a logical progression of the SL-class. SLS is the abbreviation of Lightweight Super Sport, with a body made up of an aluminum grid frame weighing in at a miserly 240kg. Senner Tuning has worked their magic with what is an already awesome automobile, and increased the power of the 6.2-liter V8 from 563hp to 598hp and the torque from 479 to 509lb-ft.

This they achieved by carefully readjusting the car's propulsion system; adding a high-performance air filter and a custom stainless-steel exhaust that features an 'intelligent dynamic head control' system and which alone adds 15 horses to the power output. Senner also adorned the SLS AMG with a set of 20-inch Corniche Vegas wheels boasting a stainless-steel outer bezel and diamond-turned gloss black rims. As an additional option, Senner offers a 3 KW travel carriage with individually-adjustable pressure & traction stage and weight-optimized aluminum housing (whatever that is).

Available now, conversions are priced at 19,500 Euros and clients are invited to put together an individual package at the Senner premises.

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