Mercedes-Benz Believes GLE Crossover Coupe Can Outrun Dinosaurs In "Jurassic World"

Um, no. You're going to die.

Earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz announced that its new GLE crossover will be featured in the upcoming “Jurassic World,” the fourth installment of our favorite dinosaur fantasy franchise. We were originally told, via a press release, that the "GLE 450 AMG Sport is convincing on screen in dynamic off-road scenes set against the tropical backdrop of Jurassic World." Maybe it’s just us, but we’d feel much safer in something that’s actually an SUV, like the original Ford Explorer and Jeep Wrangler.

Then again it’s all fiction. Nevertheless, here's some cool rendered images of the GLE dressed in dinosaur battle fatigue. It even has a roof-mounted gun. You’ll need that when a crossover never meant for real off-roading is being chased by a tyrannosaurus rex.

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