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Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain Is Coming

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Set to become the best all-rounder in the next C-Class range.

Competition in the mid-sized luxury sports sedan sector has never been easy. With the ever-present threat of crossovers and SUVs adding to the pressure to perform, the next-generation C-Class will have to be all sorts of amazing. That is still rumored to be up to three years away based on the average lifecycle of previous models. Speculating on future models can be hit-and-miss, but German publication AutoBild has done some research and suggests that we may well see a C-Class All-Terrain variant in the vein of the existing E-Class version by 2022.

The desirable mix of sedan-like dynamics and crossover practicality that cars like Mercedes' own All-Terrain E-Class and Audi's Allroad offer would make sense in the smaller C-Class as well. Volvo has only just revealed its own V90 Cross Country and with most major manufacturers wanting to occupy every possible niche there is, the C-Class All-Terrain could be a logical addition to the range. Currently, US customers wanting a Mercedes wagon can choose from between the capable E400 4MATIC or fire-breathing AMG E63 S.But the range is soon to expand and is far broader for European customers.

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Perhaps we will get a wider selection in the coming years, even the existing E-Class All-Terrain would be a welcome addition and could test the waters for any possible forthcoming All-Terrain derivatives. The current C-Class is currently undergoing a facelift to better prepare it for its final phase of production, models like the C 350e plug-in hybrid and downsized performance derivatives such as the C43 sedan are likely to form a more central role in the coming years too. All things considered, the prospect of an ultra-efficient semi-autonomous hybrid C-Class All-Terrain may not be as far-fetched as you might think.