Mercedes-Benz Dreams Up Ultimate Golf Cart

Plug-in electric golf cart is a two-seater that takes gentleman's game into the 21st century.

It may look like a car but this is the Vision Golf Cart, a concept developed by the Mercedes Advanced Design Center in California building on the ideas submitted by golf and car fans for a competition that saw winners invited to the Open Championship. Mercedes’ diamond grille leaves no room for doubt where the golf cart came from, while the innovative interior is as state-of-the-art as an S-Class. Electric driven and powered by a solar panel-charged battery, either passenger can drive the cart via a center-console mounted joystick.

A multimedia panel includes a docking station for Apple products from where various features can be controlled such as the a/c and head-up display, which can also be integrated into the windscreen to show the course layout and an updated leader board. A “fore button” enables users to warn other players if they are within the danger zone of a misplaced shot, while typical Benz touches include heated, electronically-adjustable seats with AIRSCARF, optional click-in lightweight doors, a retractable lightning rod, and cup holders that keep drinks hot or cold. In case you were wondering how you got the cart to the course, Mercedes has designed it to run on roads by fitting indicators, headlamps and tail lights.

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