Mercedes-Benz E-Class Just Became Even More Comfortable

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New feature will be most welcome to drivers with back problems.

Mercedes-Benz has realized that most customers that are able to afford the E-Class likely deal with some back problems. According to a tweet from Mercedes-Benz, both the E-Class Coupe and the E-Class Convertible now come with the Energizing suite. This is what Mercedes calls the system that controls seating positions through very small adjustments for better support.

The kinetics respond to orthopedic changes in the seating posture. It works in combination with the all-electric seat adjustment and the memory function. Basically, the driver simply selects the program, and the seat cushions and backrests are minutely adjusted for a continuous period of time to keep the back muscles active enough to avoid the stiffness the driver would usually experience after a long journey.
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Originally reserved exclusively for the B-Class, the goal behind the ever-changing seat position is to improve back health. The program can be customized according to short, medium, and long journeys, alternating seating positions to suit the duration of the drive. Designed to aid the natural strain and relief of muscles, the system also stops when hard braking and fast cornering patterns are sensed.

The Coach aspect of the suite assesses traffic conditions and weather as well as journey time to suggest to the most suitable comfort level. Summed up, drivers will be much more comfortable behind the wheel of this Mercedes-Benz with this new system whether they're embarking on a quick trip or an extended journey.

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Mercedes-Benz has been rapidly improving its products with each passing month, something we've seen recently with the reveal of the new 2021 E-Class. The standard Energizing suite will be available from this model onwards and will likely be introduced as standard on some of the brand's other flagship models in the future.

Hopefully, the Energizing suite will include Comfort Control soon, this system controls the air conditioning system as well as lighting and musical moods for the ultimate in-cabin atmosphere. The addition of finer details and systems that aid the comfort of the driver make a significant difference when all of the pieces come together. We hope the standard features continue to roll in.

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