Mercedes-Benz EQR Is A 1,200-HP Hypercar Wagon

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Please make this happen.

Mercedes-Benz is pushing for an electric future, and its car designs are following suit. It's range of EQ cars, including the EQC and upcoming models such as the crossover EQA and EQS sedan are a showcase for what the German automaker has planned, and by what we've seen thus far, the future looks bright. These new models look very promising, but there's something missing: a station wagon. When Mercedes-Benz first launched the R-Class, it was met with indifference and was soon discontinued, but this new design, dreamed up by creator Emre Husmen, shows what an all-electric Merc wagon from the future could look like and its name, "EQR" takes inspiration from the doomed R.

Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen

The front of the car features a concave grille with fine mesh, framed by a set of slim LED headlights, and the hood incorporates part of the flared wheel arch. The hood flows up to a raked windshield. The side profile of the EQR has to be its most attractive angle. The low-slung machine features small windows, massively flared wheel arches and side skirts that will get destroyed over the first set of speed bumps. The wheels have a cool-looking directional design, and behind them hide what seems to be carbon ceramic brakes. From the rear, the EQR shows off a massive race-spec diffuser, which might be slightly overkill for everyday use, as well as deep-seater cowls which house the slim brake lights.

Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen

"I 3d-polygon modeled this project referencing a side view sketch in total of 7-days, inspired from my old SLE project and the legendary R-Class; I re-imagined it as an electric "hyper wagon" which would have +1,200hp output. The "EQR AMG" features a sleek exterior styling; a coupe-like front door and a suicide rear door with hypercar quality all carbon fiber body surfaces and aero adjustable front splitter & rear diffuser. Overall dimensions: 5m length, 2m width, 1,4m height with 24-inch wheels," says Husmen. It may not look too practical, and with an alleged 1,200 hp under the hood it will be a handful to drive, but that's the beauty of renders, they can be anything to anyone.

Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen Behance/Emre Husmen
Source Credits: Behance

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