Mercedes-Benz EQV Camper Is For Guilt-Free Overlanding

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Enjoy and save the environment at the same time.

The Mercedes-Benz EQV has been treated to an extensive camper conversion with a bit of help from the industry experts at Sortimo. While this might look like a passion project, the manufacturer assures us that the motorhome market is an important one and that going the zero-emission route is the logical step for this subdivision.

The conversion done by Sortimo is a modular concept with a full range of options that includes a pop-up roof with a bed and a multifunction box in the luggage compartment that can be converted into a bed or kitchen. For conscious packaging, the kitchen section has been fitted with a drawer system that accommodates a sink, a two-ring removable gas cooker, a refrigerator box, and drawers for cutlery, cooking utensils, and supplies.


The bed system fits above the kitchen unit and can be unfolded in just a few simple and convenient steps. Once the modular camper layout is complete, users have access to a living space that has been tailored to the width of the EQV. When everything is packed back to its original state, Mercedes-Benz promises that the rear seats can be used without compromise.

Sortimo boasts that its conversion benefits from a lightweight construction which is a big payoff considering the donor van is electrified. But, if it's additional range that you're looking for, the EQV can be fitted with two solar panels that have a combined 400-watt output. These units are also relatively light and shouldn't affect the overall mass too much.


For a more comprehensive camping experience, additional options consist of darkened rear windows, interior lighting for the rear compartment, integrated USB ports, and swiveling driver and front passenger seats. Mercedes-Benz states that these inclusions have been based on research gathered from end customers and industry experts.

The donor Mercedes-Benz EQV is already available in select markets with two states of tune. The EQV 300 uses a 90-kWh battery pack and boasts a range of 203 miles while the EQV 250 uses a 60-kWh battery to carry its users 132 miles on a single charge. Both models can be had with a 2,023-inch or longer 2,114-inch wheelbase.

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