Fuel Cell

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Passes The Test

Mercedes-Benz has just finished its world tour using the F-Cell fuel-cell cars. The tour wrapped up just where it began: right in front of the luxury automaker's headquarters in Stuttgart, only 18,641 miles later. The hydrogen powered cars successfully made their way through 14 countries on 4 continents. The F-Cell has a high range and short refueling times with zero emissions, which could possibly indicate a hydrogen-based car as the future of the company.

Mercedes-Benz is strongly pursuing lawmakers and businesses for the establishment of a comprehensive network of hydrogen fueling stations, something that's absolutely crucial in order for the F-Cell technology to work in terms of both marketing and practicality. There are around 200 hydrogen fuel stations at the moment with Mercedes-Benz estimating another 1,000 stations to be sufficient enough for national coverage in Germany alone. The entire tour took 70 days and had a few minor setbacks along the way, considering there is not enough hydrogen fueling stations at the moment.

Mercedes-Benz is now working to get the green light to further expand F-Cell power into the larger marketplace. If all goes to plan, it could truly be a glimpse into the future of auto technology.

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