Mercedes-Benz G-Class Gets A Whole New Look

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Wald International has worked its magic on the offroad Benz.

The aftermarket is full of companies that will happily take your money in exchange for some tacked-on body parts, new wheels, and maybe some suspension work. With Wald International, however, things are a little more specific, with modifications intended to enhance the existing aesthetic of a vehicle, even if that vehicle is a Prius. The latest creation from the Japanese firm takes the last generation of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and updates its styling to better fit with today's AMG G63. This isn't a replica of the fire-breathing AMG, and some parts are certainly unusual, but the overall effect is quite pleasing. That said, having six exhaust pipes (three on each side of the car) may be a little excessive.

Wald International Wald International Wald International Wald International

The most obvious change to the G-Class, even from a distance, is the Y-spoke split wheel setup in 24-inch sizing. The 10.5-inch rims are wrapped in some meaty all-terrain tires from Toyo, and they certainly add to the aggression level of the car. As you get closer, you may notice more subtle changes, like a version of AMG's trademark Panamericana grille. A roof-mounted LED light bar is also included, and ties in with the running lights fitted to larger intakes in the new bumper. The rear also gets a new bumper with a menacing diffuser that ties in well with the widened body that increases the car's footprint by two inches. A subtle roof spoiler is also added, as is a new hood with vents for better heat management.

Wald International Wald International Wald International Wald International

It's certainly an aggressive look for an already sinister machine and would make the perfect ride for the villain in a modern action blockbuster. The kit requires no cutting and bolts on directly to where the original parts are fitted, making it a relatively simple exercise to transform the look of an aging G-Class. As aggressive as the exterior is, the interior and the engine have been left untouched and judging by what many other aftermarket tuners have done to the classy interior of cars like these, this may be a good thing. Do you like the idea of rolling in something like this? Well, if you have a G-Class produced between 2013 and 2018, you're in luck. Pricing hasn't been announced, but we'd expect a kit like this to cost in excess of $5,000 - a small price to pay to stand out.

Wald International Wald International Wald International Wald International

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