Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 For Sale In Florida, Better Act Fast


Not sure if it's legal, but it's there.

Mercedes-Benz never envisioned the 6X6 versions of the G-Class on US soil. They were built for oil-rich gulf states where road regulations for those with money are nonexistent. On top of that, around just 60 units of the G63 AMG 6X6 were ever built, so they'd be quite rare anywhere in the world. The car was never officially sold in the US, but one has somehow turned up for sale at Mirabella Motors in Tampa, Florida, for the price of $975,000.

Not only is it somehow here, but it is also brand new, with just 50 miles on the clock and a VIN that shows it to be a 2014 build. What with it never having been officially brought over to the US, we wonder how street legal this machine could be. This has always been a problem for American enthusiasts, just ask Bill Gates about his Porsche 959, and there is nothing on the dealer's website to indicate one way or the other. It does mention how close they are to the airport, and how easy international shipping would be, which might be significant. But it might be worth looking into if you've got the money.

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