Mercedes-Benz GL-Class by Vilner

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Mercedes SUV goes even more luxurious thanks to the craftsmen at Vilner.

The Mercedes-Benz GL SUV is an expensive proposition in and of itself, however the consummate Bulgarian tuning house known as Vilner has taken its interior styling and design to a whole new level. Starting with the big SUV's seating arrangement, Vilner has taken out the rear bench and replaced it with two individual bucket seats.Through the middle of the GL, the design crew has added an extended center console complete with aluminum trim, cup holders and an integrated iPad.

Vilner fitted a new headliner made out of a light-brown Alcantara, complimenting the black leather seats and door panels and bathed in ambient lighting. The entire cabin is also lined in Ground Zero soundproof material for a quieter ride and better acoustics for the sound system. The audio system packs two subwoofers, three amplifiers (two 4-channel and 1 mono-block), Audison audio processor and 31-band TSP equalizer, alll controlled from the iPad. The car was built for a client who wanted "a 4-seater oasis, where one doesn't feel the road, immersed in a world filled with high-quality music, relaxing and not feeling the space." Mission accomplished.

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