Mercedes-Benz GLS Turns Up The Style For 2023

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The luxury limo of an SUV is sharpening its teeth in preparation for war with the BMW X7.

A couple of months ago, BMW revealed the massively-updated 2023 X7 with split headlights, huge grilles, and a potent powertrain. Based on what we have on paper, the X7 appears to be better than Mercedes' alternative in the segment. But will that remain the case? Affalterbach has been caught testing numerous new vehicles of late as it prepares to answer the Bavarians and the latest is the Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV. New images from our spy photographers show that the 2023 GLS is preparing for a mild facelift, and unlike the latest X7, the fascia won't be changing very much from what is already on offer.

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The new images suggest that the headlights will not be changing much, getting revised graphics but retaining their existing shape. The front bumper will be lightly massaged too, making it gel with the rest of the Mercedes family and giving it a more modern look. Similarly at the rear, the taillights will feature new graphics. However, the rear bumper won't be getting any updates. From the outside, it's going to be tricky to tell a 2022 model from a 2023 variant, but the interior is where you spend most of your time, so what's happening there? Will there be wholesale changes?

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The short answer is no. Sure, there must be some updates, but nothing to raise an eyebrow at. Our sources report that the MBUX infotainment system will be updated with more features and new graphics that will be mirrored in a refreshed driver information display. This will be showcased behind a revised steering wheel as is the trend for all new Mercedes models, but that's where the changes end. The Maybach GLS will get similar updates.

Under the hood, we're expecting the same assortment of straight-six and V8 engines all with mild hybrid assistance. A plug-in hybrid variant is possible too, but that hasn't been spied yet. We'll report back when we know more.

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