Mercedes-Benz Green Lights BMW X6 Fighter

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Crossover fans rejoice. Everyone else shakes their head in despair.

It's a rumor that's been circling ever since the carmaker teased an image taken at its Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant, and according to Car and Driver Mercedes-Benz has finally green lit production of a "coupe-like crossover." The BMW X6 is the car it's gunning for, and like how the Bavarian's sporty crossover was formed from the X5, Mercedes will take the M-Class and give it a funny shape.

Previously dubbed the MLC, the new Benz will share running gear with the ML. and will be offered with a selection of six- and eight-cylinder units topped off with an AMG variant. Strong demand, low build costs and high profit margins makes creating the new model a no-brainer. It's also a segment that tends to have universal appeal with old and new world locales equally keen to snap up crossovers.

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