Mercedes Benz Has a Problem Working with A-Roid?

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Can one of the most despised men in baseball right now hurt the Mercedes brand due to his current steroid abuse scandal?

Anyone who follows baseball has heard of the name Alex Rodriguez or A-Rod. The once future hall of fame candidate is one of those ideal athletes who loves both cars, women and flaunts the finest of both. Now more likely to be known as A-Roids due to the 211 game suspension he was recently handed down from the MLB for his connection to steroid usage and his attempt to obstruct the league's investigation. Sufficeth to say, it's probably not the best time to be in business with the man. Well, Mercedes Benz doesn't seem to agree.

Ad Age recently reached out to Mercedes Benz for comments when it was discovered that A-Rod half owns the Alex Rodriguez Mercedes Benz dealership in League City, Texas. Mercedes Benz, somewhat to their credit, kind of stood by their guy. They told Ad Age, "Since his activity is not illegal but rather prohibited by the MLB, there's nothing actionable here." When asked about the dealership changing its name, MB felt that the decision was up to Mr. Rodriguez and his partners. Apparently, a baseball player shooting up roids to help hit more home runs won't stop people from buying good cars. No way?

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