Mercedes-Benz Has Just Killed AMG Sport: Wait, That Was A Thing?


Can we please have a simple naming scheme for once?

If you want proof of Mercedes-Benz’s indecisiveness with its names, look no further than the new C-Class. After a radical redesign, the C250 and C350 models were renamed C300 and C400, respectively. Mercedes-Benz has long since abandoned a naming scheme where names actually had something to do with engine displacement. At the Detroit Auto Show last year, Mercedes had a bit of a rethink and decided to rename the C400 as the C450 AMG Sport.

The C450 would slot in a new sub-AMG brand that would compete with BMW M-Sport models such as the M235i. Sounds like a plan, right? Well, it seems that the naming department at Mercedes has had yet another rethink. Now Mercedes plans to kill of AMG Sport altogether and simply turn them into near-proper AMGs. The new Mercedes SLC43 debuts this new, new naming scheme. The SLC, which replaces the SLK, will feature the same twin-turbocharged V6 from the C450. The C450 will have its name changed yet again to the Mercedes-AMG C43.The E-Class will also gain this new naming scheme. Wait, what did we mean by "near-proper"? Well, these new AMG cars won't have the whole "one man, one engine" deal going on.

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But they will be cheaper than an "actual" AMG, so yay! We're sorry this naming scheme is so confusing. Our heads hurt as well. We miss naming schemes that made sense.