Mercedes-Benz Launching Teen Driving School in Los Angeles

As Mercedes prepares to jumpstart their teen driving program in the U.S, some new details have been released by the automaker regarding the curriculum. The first program will open in Los Angeles where teen drivers will go through supplemental driver education that combines the mandated state accreditation process into one all-encompassing program. It is scheduled to begin this October.

According to the official press release, "the core program utilizes multiple teaching techniques and delivery methods ranging from online learning to interactive approaches such as digital animation...problem-solving exercises in the classroom, and hands-on experience of risky situations and in-car coaching techniques based on questioning rather than instruction." Another goal is to provide consistent feedback between the hand-picked instructors and parents. Mercedes is also teaming up with Impact Teen Drivers to host two-hour teen/parent workshops at 20 schools throughout the city.

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