Mercedes-Benz Patent for Smart Roadster Model

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The quirky and tiny Smart vehicle is going to come eventually as a roadster. We were introduced to the roadster concept back in 2001 at the Geneva Motor Show when Mercedes-Benz unveiled a roadster with no doors, no roof, and no windscreen called the Crossblade. The ForTwo Cabrio-based concept did going into a limited series production the following year, but only 2,000 were offered.

Today, Smart is preparing the successor to the Crossblade as it was announced that parent company Mercedes-Benz has trademarked these design drawings of a two-seater roadster model. While the original concept features no door, the roadster model seen in the pictures gets a conventional set of doors (useful touch). It also features a larger wind deflector surrounding the driver and passenger. At the moment there's no other information available, but since this looks like a new concept model, maybe we'll catch a glimpse of it in Detroit or Geneva.

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