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Mercedes-Benz Pop Up Store Could Be Coming To A Mall Near You

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The company's goal is "connecting with the customers."

Going to the car dealership sucks. They make you sit for hours, it's loud, and everyone wants to sell you something. There are some ways to avoid a terrible dealer experience, but it would just be simpler if automakers allowed you to look at their cars somewhere else - like on the internet. Mercedes-Benz is looking to inch away from the painful dealership experience with Automotive News Europe reporting that more Mercedes pop-up stores are coming to the US this year.

Unlike traditional dealerships, pop-up stores are designed to focus on showing off the product, rather than just selling it. Mercedes experimented last year with pop-up stores in Atlanta and Miami, and will follow up with a third location in Chicago. This year, Mercedes is planning on "doing way more of them, probably focused on new product launches," said Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Dietmar Exler. Mercedes is launching the all-new A-Class in the US this year, and pop-up stores could be the perfect way to introduce the baby Benz its younger target demographic. The pop-up stores will look a bit like Apple Stores that you see in the mall - very visually appealing.

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Each store will be open for around two months, with the aim of educating consumers about a handful of products. The environment will be far more laid back than traditional dealerships, to hopefully "sell" the products on their merits rather than stressful dealer tactics. We love the idea of being able to look at a car without the stress of visiting a dealership. Tesla has been making this concept work with showrooms in malls throughout the US. Mercedes hasn't decided on specific locations, but if you live in a major, upscale location, a Mercedes pop-up store could be coming to a mall near you.