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Mercedes-Benz Prepares To Unleash Its Offroad Wagon On The World

Spy Shots

Mercedes set to fill yet another niche with the E-Class Estate All-Terrain.

Having discovered that Mercedes-Benz was planning on creating a hardcore E-Class wagon to take on the likes of the Audi A6 Allroad last month, we’ve been on the lookout for supporting evidence. Thanks to our intrepid spy photographers, today we bring you just that. These spy shots show what Mercedes has in store for the recently unveiled E-Class Estate, which will be unveiled in Paris distinguished by an ‘All Terrain’ badge, a higher ride height, beefed up front and rear bumpers, plastic underbody protection, and wider fenders.

Like the Audi it aims to compete with, the E-Class All-Terrain will utilize an adaptive air suspension, which will raise the car to make light work of rocky roads and lower it to help it cut through air at high speeds. Powerplant options will ape those of the regular wagon, so expect a range of gasoline and diesel engines to be offered when it hits dealerships in 2017. Alas, the E-Class Estate All Terrain won’t be sold in the US where all buyers care about these days are SUVs and crossovers.

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