Mercedes-Benz Proves Once Again That Money Can't Buy Safe Airbags

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Are all airbags cursed or something?

Mercedes-Benz is having issues with its airbagx but thankfully they're not Takata-related. The German automaker is recalling 126,000 of its cars in the US. Due to poor manufacturing, the NHTSA says that the semiconductor material in the airbag control unit can corrode and malfunction. This can lead to the airbag inflating outside of a crash or the airbag not inflating when it needs to protect its occupants in a crash. The cars included in are the C300, C350 and C63 AMG from 2008 and 2009 along with GLK350 and the GLK350 4MATIC from 2010.


So far three airbags in the US have inflated when the car wasn't in a crash. We don't know if anyone have been injured because of this malfunction but we hope not. The safety administration also states that Mercedes-Benz dealers will inspect the SRS control unit and replace them if necessary and the German automaker will notify owners of the issue. The affected units will be replaced with new ones and according to the NHTSA, the new components will have thicker passivization layers, wider electrical connections and an increase in drying temperature and duration so that the components don't corrode. And here we were thinking money bought safety.

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