Mercedes-Benz Reveals Silver Arrow Concept


Mercedes-Benz imagines the future of Hollywood cars with their Silver Arrow Concept.

A couple of months ago, the 2011 Los Angeles Design Challenge took place. Its stated goal was to find the most interesting new car for Hollywood. And so the Mercedes-Benz advanced design studio team came up with this Hollywood-style homage that represented 125 years of innovation in both automotive technology and design. The Silver Arrow Concept is meant to symbolize the automaker's past and their future with its unique design.

It contains the classic shapes of older models combined with fresh styling. It's clearly meant to have more of a race car theme with its low-lying sculpture, but we couldn't help but note that the front-end is a bit too much. The concept was also the star of a short film specifically for the Design Challenge, titled "Silver Lighting." Set in the future (obviously), the basic plot revolves around speed and security. The main characters are two dummies (no joke) who are attempting to escape from crash tests in the Silver Arrow. We haven't seen the film, so we're sorry to inform you that we don't know how it ends.

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Besides from this potential epic of a story, the German automaker hasn't announced whether the concept will go on display, but we wouldn't be surprised to see it appear at the Detroit Auto Show beginning early next month.