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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Gets Carlsson Tuning

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Carlsson gives the Mercedes-Benz S600 L a tuning. The end result is a mighty fast machine that churns out 600 hp.

German aftermarket specialist Carlsson has given the S-Class some upgrades, including new aerodynamics and interior modifications. Under the hood, the Carlsson Mercedes-Benz S600 L is powered by a 12-cylinder biturbo engine and delivers a new output of an incredible 600hp, as opposed to the standard version which "only" churns out a healthy 517hp. The power increase comes from an optimized engine management system that works directly with Carlsson's systems.

This new system works in compliance with the tuners sports air filter and their sports exhaust system. The end result is an acceleration time from 0-62 mph in a not too shabby 4.3 seconds. Top speed reaches 199 mph. The Carlsson S-Class features the C-Tronic SUSPENSION that can detect road conditions and provide for better handling. The new body kit includes a sporty front spoiler lip and front bumper that helps generate additional downforce to give the S-Class increased traction. There are also new side skirts, rear apron and spoiler and the distinctive grille.

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As usual, the Carlsson emblem is featured on the front hood. Dunlop tires wrap around the 20-inch light-alloy wheels to further enhance the exterior appearance. Pricing begins at €5290 for the basic package, which includes upgraded front leather seats, rear seat head restraints, and door panels.