Mercedes-Benz SL by MEC Design

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MEC Design gives the SL some key enhancements to make it even more desirable.

MEC Design has made a habit of creating aftermarket programs for top-end Mercedes-Benz models, and its work on the benchmark SL-Class is no different. Starting with the exterior, the German tuning firm has given the roadster AMG-inspired bumpers front and rear, with the former receiving integrated LEDs. An electronic suspension riding on new wheels lowers the ride height to a ground-hugging 55 mm, and a variable quad-pipe exhaust system has been added as well.

The new exhaust features two different sound levels, the relatively quieter "Daytona" setting and an "Earthquake" mode that announces the car's presence from even further away. The project sits on a set of MEC's own 20-inch 3-piece forged alloy MecxtremeI wheels finished in bright silver. They can be had in sizes ranging from 19- to 22-inches. MEC Design has yet to release pricing for its SL kit, however if its previous projects are any indication, you can expect to pay a pretty penny.

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