Mercedes-Benz SL500 by Wheelsandmore

An understated tuning program has left the roadster with a boost in power and a refined new look.

Hot on the heels of the tuning package for the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, Wheelsandmore has delivered a refined program for the SL500 R231 roadster. The most striking feature is the finish to the bodywork thanks to an aluminum-silver-gray film that gives the SL roadster an air of exclusivity and a stealth-like appearance. Next up, the tuner added the maximum possible wheel sizes for the 6Sporz2 rim. The 20-inch alloys are available in nearly every color and surface finish combination imaginable.

Pictured is a matt black wheel center combined with stainless steel outer trims. A fully adjustable lowered suspension module named LowMaXX has been fitted, which shuts down at 44mph to preserve comfort and safety. Optimizing the ECU has improved performance of the R231 providing an additional 70hp and 74lb-ft of torque, giving it figures of 505hp and 590lb-ft. Wheelsandmore are currently developing exhaust systems and air filter components which should further enhance performance.

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Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster
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