Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG by Vitt Performance

A widebody kit with elements from the SL65 AMG Black Series gives the outgoing SL55 AMG a fierce new look.

The benefits of Vitt Performance's Squalo range have already been felt by a Mercedes-Benz CLS, but this time around it's the turn of the R230 Mercedes SL55 AMG. The widebody kit includes elements taken from the SL65 AMG Black Series, and consists of a new front bumper, new front fender, side skirts, rear fender & bumper, Black Series-styled hood and a new rear wing. The result is a very agressive and muscular new look.

All parts are finished in either FPR or carbon fiber, while available extras include a new exhaust kit, brake system and interior parts. The carbon-fiber body panels are priced at 2,205,000 Yen and the FPR panels at 1,942,000 Yen. In the US, Vitt Performance parts are distributed by Jonari. Interested parties outside of Japan and the US will have to contact either company to see what can be arranged.

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