Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Converted To High-End Hotel On Wheels

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Configured for two people, the Innova Roadtrip has a super classy interior.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 has been converted into a luxurious camper van for the American market, providing the perfect retreat on wheels for those who appreciate the outdoors but don't want to skimp on comfort.

Referred to as a yacht on wheels, this camper van is called the Innova Roadtrip, launched by Caleche Customs in partnership with Innova BV from the Netherlands. Caleche Customs has previously created a camper out of the Kia Carnival, but this Mercedes benefits from a taller body.

The Innova Roadtrip is a great alternative to the new Volkswagen California camper van, a vehicle not confirmed for this market. The durable Mercedes underpinnings, coupled with an array of features in the versatile cabin, make the Innova Roadtrip the perfect companion for relaxing getaways.

Caleche Customs/Facebook Caleche Customs Caleche Customs/Facebook Caleche Customs/Facebook

The interior features a curved, yacht-inspired lounge area with a table for enjoying meals. Caleche Customs says the van is ideally suited for two people, who will also have access to an elegant kitchen area and a dedicated bathroom with a toilet and sink.

Underlining the high-end look, the ceiling and sidewalls are finished in eco-leather, while three designs are available: Wood & Mood, Black & White, and Adventure. Customers wanting even more luxury can opt for diamond stitching or custom upholstery for the front seats and dashboard.

The reason it can't accommodate more people comfortably is likely to do with it being based on the Sprinter 144, with that number referring to the 144-inch wheelbase. Another version of the standard Sprinter has a longer 170-inch wheelbase.

Caleche Customs Caleche Customs Caleche Customs

The cabin can be converted into a sleeping area with a high-quality mattress at night. Adults up to 6'2" tall can be comfortably accommodated, and there are opaque blinds for privacy. There is an available topper that becomes a comfortable backrest during the day. The floors and walls are both insulated and together with the heating system, the interior should be comfortable even in the chillier winter months.

To keep everything powered up, the van is equipped with a 600-amp lithium battery, a Victron AGM semi-traction battery, and a Victron BMV700 battery motor. Upgraded batteries are available optionally.

Caleche Customs Caleche Customs Caleche Customs

"We are delighted to introduce the Innova Roadtrip, a remarkable addition to our portfolio of luxurious campers," said a media representative for Caleche Customs. "With its exceptional design, comfort, and safety features, the Innova Roadtrip represents the epitome of premium travel experiences. We invite adventure enthusiasts and travel aficionados to embark on a journey of indulgence and discovery with this extraordinary camper."

The Innova Roadtrip conversion is available on the 144 Sprinter, and both rear- or all-wheel-drive configurations are available. The engine's specs haven't been mentioned, but we do know that a normal Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine paired with a nine-speed automatic.

Pricing begins at $189,000, a substantial amount that could buy you a Maybach GLS, but even that won't make trips out of the city nearly as fun as the Innova Roadtrip.

Caleche Customs Caleche Customs/Facebook Caleche Customs/Facebook

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