Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Goes Where No Van Has Gone Before

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Lexani Motor Cars converts a Sprinter into an Extreme Terrain Vehicle.

Lexani Motors is well known for its luxurious vehicle conversions among a certain elite circle of motoring enthusiasts, grading work from the merely opulent Gold Package right up to the outlandishly extravagant Diamond Plus offering. From private bedrooms with gold-plated trim and integrated drinks cabinets to electronically folding partitions incorporating 60-inch TVs, the sky and your budget are just about the only limits. Now, in addition to these luxury conversions, Lexani has introduced the Extreme Terrain Vehicle (ETV).

Trading some of that leather-lined luxury for a slightly more hard-wearing and minimalist design approach, the ETV turns the Sprinter into a stylish and practical off-roader. According to Lexani it was conceived to meet the needs of every enthusiast, combining the extremes of a rugged, sporty, and unique exterior with a comfortable and practical luxury interior. The company envisages a clientele involved in outdoor sports such as skiing, surfing, golfing and bike riding.

The options list is extensive, including a roof-mounted solar panel, LED spotlights, massive 20-inch off-road tires and of course all-important WiFi connectivity. While the ETV may be more rugged and sporty than its other Sprinter conversions, Lexani also specializes in adding armor protection to vehicles up to B7 ballistic protection levels. To those unfamiliar with the various stages, B7 means that even armor piercing rounds won't penetrate the vehicle's interior. Combine that with the Lexani Motors ETV in its optional camouflage wrap and you have arguably the finest post-apocalyptic zombie-hunting, survival machine on sale today.

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