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Mercedes-Benz Stands On Full Guard

Automakers take safety issues very seriously, but Mercedes-Benz goes the distance. They have displayed seven Guard models that offer the highest level security you could possible imagine. Known for its luxurious style and elegance, Mercedes-Benz can also be attributed to its high-end defensive qualities that can almost assure you not just a pleasant ride, but also the most secure ride you could posssibly imagine.

Just how safe is it? The S600 Pullman Guard limo guarantees VR6/7 protection which means that the car offers a shield against rifle fire, hand grenades and explosives and other types of deadly weapons. The E-Guard is a six-cylinder diesel unit that offers an output of anywhere from 265hp-388hp, depending on the model. The S600 is also powered by a twelve-cylinder biturbo engine giving a nice and friendly output of 517hp. The E-Guard still offers top notch security and has a protection level of VR4.

We don't think you will need the S600 for daily use, unless you are the president or live in a war zone, but the E-Guard line can be very effective if you live in dangerous cities where crime is rampant. There is no official word yet on pricing, but you can be sure you will pay a few extra bucks for all the safety measures. It's your life, after all.

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